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723 Broadway, Staten Island, NY 10310

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Dr. Alecia Giovinazzo OBGYN provides comprehensive healthcare for women in all stages of their lives utilizing the most up to date diagnostic & treatment methods available.  Each patient is viewed as an unique individual deserving a personalized approach with a special emphasis on the overall sense of well being in addition to treating any particular disorder or problem.

Our services include well woman & problem gynecological care, prenatal care & delivery, evaluation of abnormal Pap smear & colposcopy, infertility evaluation & treatment, minor surgical procedures such as removing an ovarian cyst or evaluating pelvic pain using minimally invasive surgery, to major surgeries like removing fibroids or performing a hysterectomy.  The doctor performs all ultrasounds in the office same day, including 3D ultrasounds.

The office strives to make sure every aspect of your experience here is what you come to expect from your OB/GYN, that is, the utmost level of professionalism and diligent care you deserve that is available whenever you need it.